Friday, 23 September 2016

Installation of Windows 10 in the VirtualBox-A beneficial Guidance

Windows 10 is current entry of Microsoft Corporation in the Windows family of operating systems. In the characteristics of Windows 10, one can find different types of design aspects apart from latest notions. The accepted fact as of today is that the operating system Windows 10 is in great demand. The excellent features of this particular operating system lure the people to go for this latest version. However, there are users who have not lost their interest in the earlier releases as well despite the coming of this new one. They want to continue with them also. One can go for the thing called visualization and it is a wonderful alternative to outright the installation of Windows 10 or the new builds allowing the users to go for the new features without any kind of system damage.  If one wants the visualization solution, the use of the VirtualBox is an option and is available without any cost. If required any help, you can go for the  Contact Microsoft Windows Support by dialing the free helpline number.

The first thing one has to do is to get the software VirtualBox.  You will have to download and install VirtualBox. You can get the VirtualBox free from the website of the developer. It is advised to go for the accurate version when it comes to the download. After the download of the VirtualBox, you need to install it. In case, you are using the Windows 10, you can double tap the setup file and abide by the prompts for installation. Next, you can commence the program. By the help of VirtualBox, you can manage virtual machines and creating the new ones will not be tough for you.

On the Microsoft’s web page, you will get the Window 10. For the Windows insider program, there is a need for registering or signing in, and by doing this, it will be an easy access to download. Be sure to download it in the iso file format. Next, you have to open the VirtualBox, and after doing this, choose New Machine. You must be in a position to do it after the installation of the VirtualBox and Windows 10.  If you feel need for some further technical guidance, you can dial a  Contact Windows Support Phone Number.

Into the text box, you can type Windows 10. You also have the choice to select any other name for this particular operating system depending on your preference. After doing this, you can go to the first scroll menu and then choose Windows. Next, going to the second scroll box also referred as the version box, you can select Windows 10.

Now, you have to select the RAM quantity that you can provide for the machine. This will be asked by the setup wizard. But when it asks for the RAM quantity to be provided to the machine, providing the machine the default quantity of RAM is a good option. Another thing you have to note is that if you have an extra or the limited RAM, then the adjustment of slider is a good option.

Next, the wizard will ask for the virtual hard disc, but you do not have to choose anything in this case. You will have to simply tap on Next. When the wizard questions about the type of virtual hard drive you are interested in, you will have to choose VDI [virtual box disk image]. The VDI needs to be chosen by default. When it is accomplished, you have to select “Next”. Additionally, if you feel so, you can contact the  Contact Microsoft Windows Customer Service for further guidance if necessary.

Now, you have to set the disk space for hard drive.  The wizard will ask for setting the disk space. For this, you have to choose a particular size or the dimension that is dynamically allocated. You can select either of them but the better option is if you go for the fixed size. There are two general advantages of the fixed size. One is the fast operation and other is stability.

Next, choose the size of the disc. The minimum selection is 20 gigabytes but for you it is happiness by the end of the day if the space exceeds least kept limit. After this, select Create. You can select this option as the summary page is displayed. It can take some time. You will have to wait. Next, by opening the VirtualBox, you can launch the virtual machine by clicking on it. There will be the appearance of the dialog box and you have to choose Windows 10 iso format. Finally, for enjoying the cutting edge new operating system, you have to follow the guidance and instructions provided on the screen. Additionally, getting the support for Windows 10 is possible by dialing a toll free number mentioned on official Windows websites.

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