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Windows 10 Help for Creating the System Restore Point in Windows 10

You can create the system restore point in a fast manner on Windows 10 PC with the help of a small script. The good thing in Windows 10 is that it has many recovery features associated with it that can give you the aid as far as the solution to the various problems one may come across with respect to this operating system is concerned. One of the important functions is the system restore point and by this, the system goes back to the time when everything was running fine with it. One can make use of the system restore point if there is a problem because of the currently installed application, driver or update.

The operating system Windows 10 has the capability to develop new restore point before one makes the additions and the alterations on the PC. You also have the option to create the restore points in a manual manner. You have the option to create the desktop shortcut with special script permitting you to make a new restore point with the help of a simple double click.
Below is mentioned the procedure for creating the system restore point. In order to understand the procedure mentioned below, it may require technical knowledge. If you want the process takes place easily and flawlessly, you have a better option to select an independent tech support service provider. However, if there is a lay person or a fresher in this area, he can take the  Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Help  from the expert technician associated with a Third Party Company.
As far as the reliability and consistency in customer support services are concerned, independent technicians always appear to be the most admired choice, allowing the users to access to genuine services in a real time.  

Therefore, you can ask for the  Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support, as creating a System Restore Point is no longer an easy business. The expert will always be ready to guide you with every possible technique and tool.

First of all, you have to be clear whether the system restore point is enabled in the PC or not.
  • Go to the Start Menu and then open it. You need to make the search for creating the restore point and after this, press enter.
  • Beneath the protection settings, on the system protection, you have to check whether the setting is on or off.
  • If the protection of the system drive is on, then there is no requirement of any further action and you can move to “How to create System Restore Point shortcut script”.
  • If the system protection is in Off state, then you can choose the PC system drive and then tap on the Configure Button.
  • Now tap on the option by the name Turn on system protection.
  • Tap on Apply
  • Tap on Ok.
Creating System Restore Point shortcut script
As mentioned above, you should always be in touch with an expert for creating System Restore Point so as to avoid all types of technical hurdles in the midway. Dial the  Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Phone Support and contact an independent technician to get the process completed instantly with no added issues.
Here are the procedures that will be exercised by the techies on your Windows 10 PC:
  • Make a right click on the desktop and then choose New. After that, you have to tap on the Shortcut.
  • Type this command mentioned below on Create Shortcut Wizard.
cmd.exe /k "wmic.exe /Namespace:\\root\default Path SystemRestore Call CreateRestorePoint "My Shortcut Restore Point", 100, 7", and click Next For the shortcut, you have to enter the descriptive name and after that tap Finish.
  • On the newly created shortcut, you have to make a right click and after this, can choose properties.
  • If you want to add the icon that is more appropriate, you can tap on the Change icon button.
  • In the field, you can type the mentioned path:
C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll and press Enter.
  • Choose the icon that you want to tap and after that click Ok.
  • Tap on the advanced button.
  • Choose Run as administrator.
  • Tap Ok
  • Tap Apply
  • For the completion of the task, you have to click OK.
  • Last of all, you have to make a double- click on the desktop shortcut for testing whether the system restore point can be created or not.

If you receive the Command Prompt having the output similar to the screenshot below, then everything is operating in a correct manner. And if you get some odd behaviors or reactions on your computer system, you should discuss the same with your Windows 10 technical help and support service technician to fix if there is any item left unnoticed.

Now other time, when you want to install the new application or the driver or you want the modification on the computer, you can double click on the short cut for creating the restore point and there is no need of going through the various other steps. Although the steps mentioned above are for Windows 10, these will also work for the Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

One thing important to point out is that the script will operate on the Windows 8.1 and the new versions but it will not create the new restore point in case the earlier points are created in the last 24 hours. If such is the case, you will have to make the deletion of the previous restore points for the script to start working.
  • Open the Start menu and do some search regarding Creating a restore point. After that, you can press Enter.
  • You have to choose the hard disc for creating a new restore point.
  • Now, you can tap on the configure button.
  • You can click on the delete button.
By following the above mentioned steps, you can create system restore point in Windows 10.

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